Nicknames: The Phantom Feline, Ghost Rider

Personality: Mysterious, brooding, haunting, melancholy, lingering, mournful, dramatic, ominous

Likes: Midnight rides, full moons, desert landscapes, telling ghost stories, spooking passerby, haunting old places

Dislikes: Sunlight, crowds, skeptics, ghost hunters, anything that dispels supernatural mood

Hobbies: Nighttime stagecoach rides, collecting ghost memorabilia, singing old western ballads, putting curses on enemies

Aspirations: To be the most feared phantom of the old west, to deter trespassers from his ghost town, to find his long lost love

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In life, Westlake was the renowned driver of an old Concord stagecoach that ran routes through the frontier. He navigated the dangerous terrain with courage and skill. But one fateful ride, bandits ambushed the coach and robbed the passengers, shooting Westlake in the process. With his dying breath, Westlake swore vengeance against those who killed him. Now his spirit haunts the old stagecoach, eternally damned to drive the desert roads in the afterlife. On moonlit nights, travelers have reported seeing the ghostly coach barreling across the landscape, hoofbeats thundering. Inside sits Westlake, nothing but a phantom shell of his former self, unable to find peace until he settles the score. Some say he seeks his long lost love, whisking her spirit away so they can finally be together. But until then, the Phantom Feline continues his ominous rides, destined to haunt the land he once called home.

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