Nicknames: Tuna the Brave, Lifesaver Kitty, The Whisker Hero

Personality Traits: Brave, vigilant, protective, caring, patient, and calm under pressure

Likes: Swimming, playing with water, basking in the sun, attention from humans

Dislikes: Loud noises, chaos, being ignored, not being able to help

Hobbies: Swimming, lounging on the beach, playing with toys, patrolling the waters

Aspirations: To be the best lifeguard cat possible, to help save lives, to inspire other cats to learn how to swim and become more water-friendly

Tuna was adopted from a local animal shelter as a kitten by a family who loved to spend time at the beach. From an early age, Tuna loved the water and quickly learned how to swim. One day, while watching over his family at the beach, Tuna noticed a child struggling in the water and instinctively jumped in to save them. Since then, Tuna has been a dedicated lifeguard cat, patrolling the waters and keeping his family safe.

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