Nicknames: Sunshine, Radiant One, Talent Scout

Personality: Warm, welcoming, brings out the best in others, passionate about connecting talent, selfless, encouraging, sees inner light in everyone

Likes: Discovering hidden talents, coaching/mentoring new performers, organizing elaborate shows, seeing others shine on stage, orchestrating beautiful moments

Dislikes: Crushed dreams, wasted potential, harsh judgment of others

Hobbies: Planning auditions and talent searches, producing community events, volunteering as a talent coach, playing matchmaker between performers and gigs

Aspirations: To showcase breathtaking acts full of light and hope, to provide opportunities for performers to share their gifts, to foster a supportive arts community full of joy and inspiration

Solz loves performances, If you do to, Check out

Solz grew up watching the dedicated performers who honed their skills and touched lives in the village. Recognizing the transcendent power of art and expression, Solz vowed to create a platform where local talent could shine. While mastering fire dancing, Solz also mentored struggling performers and matched them with paid gigs, knowing that financial security fueled creative freedom. Soon Solz began organizing elaborate variety shows, providing a stage for diverse talents. Word of the dazzling shows spread and each event attracted new gifted souls eager to join the troupe. Under Solz’s leadership, the village became a thriving arts hub. Though Solz still awed crowds with fiery dances, their greatest pride was connecting others to opportunities to share their light and follow their dreams.

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