Sir Purr

Sir Purr

Nicknames: Sir Meows-a-Lot, Knight Purr, The Clawed Crusader

Personality Traits: Loyal, chivalrous, brave, dignified, protective, enjoys following a routine

Likes: Chasing toy mice, grooming his fur, receiving treats, napping in cozy spots, cuddling with his humans

Dislikes: Loud noises, sudden movements, being petted in the wrong direction

Hobbies: Protecting his castle (aka his home), going on adventures (even if it’s just exploring a new room), sharpening his claws on scratching posts

Aspirations: To become a true knight, to defend his kingdom (aka his household) from any intruders, to keep his humans safe and happy

Sir Purr was adopted from a shelter, where he caught the eye of his human family with his regal appearance and friendly personality. They soon discovered his love for playing knight, where he would paw at anything that resembled a sword and strut around with a proud air. From then on, Sir Purr was treated as the noble cat he is, complete with a knightly title and a fancy collar.

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