Nicknames: Purr, Gothic Kitty, Nightshade Queen

Personality Traits: Mysterious, elegant, moody, intelligent, observant, graceful, loves solitude, secretly enjoys scaring others

Likes: Moonlit nights, starry skies, mysterious shadows, playing with spider toys, sitting on ancient furniture, Halloween, ghost stories

Dislikes: Loud noises, crowded places, attention seekers, sunlight, being disturbed during her meditation

Hobbies: Collecting antique trinkets, exploring ancient ruins, practicing dark magic rituals, plotting pranks, reading Gothic literature

Aspirations: To master her dark magic abilities, become the queen of a hidden feline underworld, haunt the dreams of misbehaving humans

While she may appear intimidating at first glance, Purrculia’s heart is filled with a genuine love for her shadowy world and its inhabitants. She uses her mysterious charm and spellbinding presence to protect her fellow feline friends from the horrors of mankind, vowing to bring justice to any who dare mistreat or neglect their feline kin.

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