Nicknames: Purr, The Weed Kitty, The High Cat

Personality Traits: Laid-back, friendly, curious, loves to explore, enjoys relaxing in the sun, can get easily distracted

Likes: Catnip, marijuana, lounging in sunbeams, cuddling with humans, exploring new spaces

Dislikes: Loud noises, crowded spaces, being disturbed while napping

Hobbies: Playing with catnip toys, lounging on the couch, observing nature, chasing shadows

Aspirations: To become a famous cat influencer, to try every strain of marijuana, to help promote the benefits of CBD for cats

Purr-vana was rescued from a marijuana grow house, where she had been exposed to cannabis from a young age. She was taken in by a kind person who recognized her unique personality and decided to give her a loving home. Purr-vana has since become an advocate for the use of cannabis in feline wellness and enjoys spreading the word about the benefits of CBD for cats.

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