Nicknames: The Fire Feline, The Igniter, Daddy Flame

Personality Traits: Passionate, creative, welcoming, safety-focused, fun-loving

Likes: Fire performance, spinning fire staves, collaborating with fellow artists, promoting creative expression

Dislikes: Recklessness with fire, exclusivity in the arts, dull performances

Hobbies: Practicing fire dancing, organizing Ignite Art Collation events, teaching fire safety, crafting flow props

Aspirations: To build an inclusive, uplifting community of diverse artists, to create unforgettable experiences

This Cat is based off a live person acively working to provide a home for art in Texas, Check out

Pryde discovered a love for fire performance after being mesmerized by a street fire dancer as a kitten. He learned to expertly wield fire staves, incorporating acrobatics and dance into dazzling routines. Driven to share his passion, Pryde formed the Ignite Art Collation to connect artists of all types. They host collaborative events like the bi-monthly FlowMoon gathering and annual FlowStorm festival featuring fire dancers, musicians, painters and more. Pryde facilitates Ignite’s inclusive, uplifting atmosphere where artists support each other’s growth. He also prioritizes safety, ensuring rigorous protocols are followed at all fiery performances. When not organizing events, Pryde can be found spinning fire staves, practicing new daring moves. But his true purpose is bringing people together through art to cultivate creativity, passion and community. Wherever Pryde goes, He lights up the night with her fiery spirit!

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