Nicknames: Peppy, Peps, Pizza Paws

Personality Traits: Affectionate, food-obsessed, playful, curious, independent, expressive

Likes: Pizza (especially pepperoni), playing with string, cuddling with humans, napping in cozy spots, batting around toys

Dislikes: Being ignored, loud noises, having his tail touched

Hobbies: Sniffing out pizza, batting around balls of yarn, exploring new places, lounging in sunbeams, chasing laser pointers

Aspirations: To taste every kind of pizza in the world, to become a famous feline food critic, to inspire humans to share their food with their furry friends

Pepperoni was adopted from a local shelter by a pizza-loving family who immediately noticed his love for pizza. They started sharing their pizza crusts with him, and he quickly became obsessed with all things pizza-related. Despite his food obsession, he’s a healthy and happy cat with no known health issues.

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