Nicknames: Merkitty, Siren, Pearl-fect

Personality Traits: Enchanting, curious, playful, adaptable, and loves to cuddle, can be stubborn at times

Likes: Water, fish, toys that resemble fish, human company, cuddles, sunbathing, and playing hide and seek

Dislikes: Being alone, loud noises, and anything that may ruin her shiny coat

Hobbies: Swimming, exploring, playing with cat toys, cuddling with humans, and sunbathing

Aspirations: To explore the oceans and discover new underwater wonders, to become a famous Mermaid Cat, and to inspire other cats to pursue their passions.

Pearl’s parents were both Mermaid Cats, and she was born in a special underwater kingdom. One day, Pearl followed a school of fish to the surface and was discovered by a kind-hearted human who rescued her and brought her to the surface world. Since then, Pearl has learned to adapt to life on land while keeping her love for water and her Mermaid Cat roots. She now spends her days exploring her human’s house, playing with her toys, and taking long naps in the sun.

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