Nicknames: Spacey, Nebby, The Galaxy Explorer

Personality Traits: Curious, adventurous, independent, loves exploring, can be mischievous at times

Likes: Staring at the stars, chasing laser pointers, exploring new spaces, lounging in warm places, receiving treats

Dislikes: Loud noises, being held or restrained, closed spaces

Hobbies: Stargazing, playing with interactive toys, climbing, lounging in the sun, playing hide-and-seek

Aspirations: To become an astronaut cat, explore the universe, inspire other cats to be curious and adventurous

Nebula was found as a stray kitten wandering near a local observatory. Her love for space and the stars was apparent from the start. She was adopted by an astronomer who introduced her to the wonders of the universe. Nebula now spends her days exploring new spaces and gazing at the stars, always dreaming of her adventures as an astronaut.

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