Nicknames: Muffin, The Baker Cat, Sweetie Pie

Personality Traits: Sweet, friendly, loves attention, playful, curious, independent

Likes: Cuddling, exploring the bakery, tasting different treats, playing with toys, taking naps in the sun

Dislikes: Loud noises, being ignored, being alone for too long

Hobbies: Watching the bakers work, playing with cat toys, taking catnaps in the sun, exploring new places

Aspirations: To become the official taste tester for the bakery, to create a special treat that bears her name, to be the star of a cat food commercial

Muffin was found as a kitten outside the bakery and was taken in by the bakers. She quickly became a fixture of the bakery and would often watch the bakers work, often falling asleep to the sound of the mixers. Muffin has since become the official greeter of the bakery, and customers love to see her lounging in the display case or playing with her toys in the corner.

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