Nicknames: Spookycat, Gothic Kitty, The Night Crawler

Personality Traits: Mysterious, independent, elegant, mischievous, loves to explore, enjoys the night, has a dark sense of humor

Likes: Bat-shaped toys, lurking in dark corners, moonlit nights, catnip infused with pumpkin spice, sharpening claws on eerie scratching posts

Dislikes: Loud noises, being interrupted during stealthy adventures, overly bright lights, being treated like a typical house cat

Hobbies: Hunting and playing with toy mice, secretly observing humans from high vantage points, exploring abandoned places, practicing acrobatic jumps and leaps

Aspirations: To become the supreme ruler of the night, to keep the neighborhood free from unwanted pests, to create a spooky atmosphere wherever she goes, to perfect the art of the dramatic entrance

Midnight has always had an affinity for the darker side of things. Since being adopted during the Halloween season, she quickly became known as the “spooky cat” due to her black fur and mysterious presence. Her humans soon discovered her fascination with all things gothic, as she would often be found prowling among cobwebs and sitting on antique furniture. Midnight’s love for Halloween and her ability to blend in seamlessly with the night inspired her humans to create a special Halloween-themed playroom just for her, complete with spooky decorations and toys. Now, Midnight spends her evenings exploring the shadows, bringing a touch of darkness and magic to her surroundings.

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