Nicknames: Meow-sieur, Sir Meows-a-lot, Muffin Cat

Personality Traits: Sweet-natured, affectionate, curious, intelligent, playful, loves to be pampered, can be a little mischievous

Likes: Freshly baked bread, tuna, cuddles, playing with cat toys, napping in cozy spots

Dislikes: Loud noises, strangers, being left alone, closed doors, baths

Hobbies: Watching the bakers at work, inspecting newly baked goods, chasing toy mice, lounging in the sun, scratching on cardboard boxes

Aspirations: To become the official taste tester at the bakery, to make new feline and human friends, to try new flavors and treats

Meow-sieur was adopted from a shelter by the bakery owner when he was just a kitten. He quickly fell in love with the aroma of freshly baked goods and made himself at home in the bakery. Meow-sieur loves to hang out in the kitchen and watch the bakers at work, and often greets customers with his sweet meows. Despite having a taste for baked goods, Meow-sieur is on a strict diet to maintain his health.

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