MC Crit-y

MC Crit-y

Nicknames: Crit-y, The Rap Cat, MC Purrfect

Personality Traits: Confident, charismatic, outgoing, loves attention, enjoys being the center of attention, can be stubborn at times

Likes: Rapping, playing with toys, scratching on scratching posts, catnip, attention from humans

Dislikes: Being ignored, being told what to do, loud noises

Hobbies: Writing and performing cat raps, playing with cat toys, exploring new spaces, lounging in the sun

Aspirations: To become a famous cat rapper, to inspire other cats to pursue their passions, to raise awareness about animal welfare issues

MC Crit-y was found wandering the streets and taken in by a kind animal lover. After noticing his love for rapping and his natural charisma, his owner started training him to become a cat rapper. MC Crit-y has since become an internet sensation, known for his catchy rhymes and unique style.

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