Nicknames: The Shadow Ninja, Harp, Purr-master Flex

Personality Traits: Stealthy, cunning, adventurous, independent, loves to hide and surprise, can be aloof at times

Likes: Sneaking around, hiding in boxes, birdwatching, chasing toys, lounging in sunbeams

Dislikes: Loud noises, being disturbed while sleeping, getting wet

Hobbies: Practicing ninja moves, hiding and jumping out to surprise people, playing with cat toys, exploring new places

Aspirations: To become a master ninja cat, to catch the elusive red dot, to hunt birds and bugs like a true predator

Harpy was adopted from a local shelter when she was just a kitten. Her love for hiding and pouncing on unsuspecting prey was evident from an early age, earning her the nickname “The Shadow Ninja.” Her owners have since been training her in the art of ninja stealth and agility, and she has become an expert at sneaking around undetected. Despite her aloofness, Harpy loves spending time with her humans and showing off her ninja skills.

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