Nicknames: Em, Flamepaw, Fire Chief

Personality Traits: Brave, loyal, determined, protective, loves to help others, always ready for action

Likes: Playing with toy firetrucks, climbing high places, snuggling up with a warm blanket, getting pets from humans, being a hero

Dislikes: Water (ironically), loud noises, not being able to help in emergencies

Hobbies: Practicing emergency drills, exploring new environments, napping in cozy spots, watching flames dance in the fireplace

Aspirations: To become the best firefighter cat she can be, to keep her community safe, to inspire other cats to be brave and helpful

Ember was adopted by a firefighter who saw her playing with a toy firetruck outside a fire station. The firefighter took her in and quickly realized her natural talent for sniffing out fires and alerting others. Ember has since become an honorary member of the fire station and is always ready to help in case of an emergency.

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