DJ Jimni Cri-Cat

DJ Jimni Cri-Cat

Nicknames: The Safety Lecturer, The Mashup Master, Adventure Kitty

Personality Traits: Outgoing, passionate, creative, theatrical, dedicated, caring, lecturing, harm reduction focused

Likes: Mixing happy hardcore and pop mashups, hosting interactive themed streams, making elaborate DIY sets/props, teaching rave safety, voting on weekly themes with fans

Dislikes: Skipping stream prep, stagnating creatively, gender discrimination in DJing

Hobbies: Collecting Japanese fashion, sewing costumes, lecturing on harm prevention, planning weekly hardship hodgepodge streams

Aspirations: To combine technical DJ skills with performance art, to create engaging interactive streams, to promote rave education/safety

Jimni Cri-Cat is based off the amazing DJ Jimni Cricket. Check out their awesome shows online or inperson!
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Jimni grew up in Seattle immersed in 90s drum and bass through her brother. She developed a deep love for rave music and culture. Though initially denied access to mixing decks, Jimni bought her own records and diligently taught herself DJ skills. She earned the nickname “Cri-cat” by lecturing ravers on safety like a Jiminy Cricket conscience. Her weekly interactive Hardcore Hodgepodge streams are beloved by fans who vote on themes and watch Jimni build elaborate sets and craft engaging games and stories around the music. She spends 10+ hours preparing each unique show. While passionate about happy hardcore, Jimni also enjoys programming creative pop mashups. Through her broadcasts, she hopes to combine technical mixing chops with performance art to push creative boundaries. Jimni’s ultimate goal is to enjoy each day while making fun things she can be proud of.

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