Nicknames: The Zen Master, Yoga Kitty, Dog’s Best Friend

Personality: Calm, centered, patient, stealthy, clever, nurturing, loyal

Likes: Yoga, meditation, helping dogs in need, outsmarting enemies, keeping dog friends safe, photography

Dislikes: Dog catchers, abusive owners, those who disrupt her zen state

Hobbies: Practicing yoga, teaching dog friends yoga and meditation, stealth missions to rescue dogs

Aspirations: To create harmony between cats and dogs, to run a non-profit providing rescued dogs yoga therapy

Debbie has a Favorite photographer who shares her name. Click here to See her work

To the unaware eye, Debbie appears as a typical zen yoga practitioner, focused inwardly and flowing gracefully through poses. But behind her calm demeanor is a champion for dogs in need. Debbie learned long ago that dogs suffering from anxiety, fear, and past traumas greatly benefit from yoga and meditation. She now secretly rescues dogs from bad situations and takes them to her hidden sanctuary. There, she teaches them yoga, breathing techniques, and mindfulness, helping heal their pain and build confidence. Under cover of night, Debbie stealthily shuttles her canine students to loving forever homes once they’ve found inner peace. The dog catchers and abusive owners she outsmarts along the way never suspect the serene kitty is thwarting them. Thanks to the Zen Master, many troubled dogs have gotten a second chance at life. Though small in stature, Debbie has a mighty heart, quiet strength, and an artistic spirit that radiates positive change for man’s best friend.

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