Captain Claw

Captain Claw

Nicknames: Captain Claw, Claw-daddy, The Seafaring Feline

Personality Traits: Brave, adventurous, curious, independent, loves exploring, can be mischievous at times

Likes: Fishing, hunting for treasures, exploring, playing with string toys, cuddling with his human

Dislikes: Being confined to one place, being told what to do, loud noises

Hobbies: Hunting for fish, climbing trees, napping in the sun, exploring new places, grooming his luxurious fur

Aspirations: To become the most successful pirate cat in history, to discover new islands and treasures, to inspire other cats to explore the world around them

Captain Claw was found on a deserted island, stranded with no other cats in sight. He was rescued by a group of sailors who took him in and gave him a new home on their ship. Since then, he’s become a skilled pirate cat, known for his bravery and love of adventure.

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