Nicknames: Nurse Calm, Purrito, Healing Paws

Personality Traits: Calm, nurturing, patient, empathetic, intuitive, enjoys being around humans

Likes: Cuddling, purring, gentle petting, sunbeams, helping humans feel better

Dislikes: Loud noises, sudden movements, being disturbed while resting

Hobbies: Curling up on laps, providing comfort to humans in need, practicing mindfulness and meditation, grooming other cats

Aspirations: To help as many humans and cats as possible, to spread awareness about the healing power of cats, to inspire more people to adopt cats from shelters

Nurse Calm was rescued from a local shelter where she was surrendered due to her owners not being able to care for her anymore. Despite her rough start, she quickly found her calling in life as a healing cat and has since helped many humans and cats recover from illness and injury. She has a special talent for sensing when someone needs comfort and knows just the right way to provide it.

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