Nicknames: Brain, Brainiac, The Thinker

Personality Traits: Intelligent, curious, independent, observant, confident, can be stubborn at times

Likes: Solving puzzles, playing with interactive toys, birdwatching, lounging in sunny spots, receiving treats as rewards

Dislikes: Being disturbed during nap time, loud noises, unfamiliar people or animals

Hobbies: Solving puzzle toys, playing with interactive toys, observing birds outside, napping in the sun

Aspirations: To become an expert puzzle solver, to learn more about the world, to explore new environments

Brainy was adopted from a shelter as a kitten and quickly showed signs of being a highly intelligent cat. His owner has since been working to provide him with challenging toys and puzzles to keep him mentally stimulated. Brainy has developed an impressive problem-solving ability and has become an internet sensation for his clever solutions to tricky puzzles. Despite his intellect, Brainy can be a bit of a diva and demands plenty of attention from his owner.

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