Nicknames: Anon the Detective, Sherlock Meowls

Personality Traits: Curious, observant, intelligent, independent, patient, and persistent

Likes: Solving puzzles and mysteries, exploring new environments, playing with catnip toys, getting treats, cuddling with their owner

Dislikes: Loud noises, being disturbed during nap time, closed doors

Hobbies: Investigating mysterious sounds, following people around, climbing to high places, playing hide and seek with their owner

Aspirations: To solve the mystery of the missing cat toy, to become the ultimate feline detective, to find the perfect spot for a cat nap

Anon was adopted from a local shelter as a kitten. They quickly showed a keen interest in observing and investigating their surroundings, earning the nickname “Sherlock Meowls.” Anon’s owner nurtured their curiosity by providing plenty of puzzles and toys to play with. Anon has since become an expert at solving the most mysterious cat puzzles and is always on the lookout for a new case to crack.

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